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休斯顿(12月. 8, 2022) -大休斯顿合作伙伴关系预测休斯顿地区将在未来一年看到显著的就业增长, but just how much growth and in what sectors is heavily dependent on whether the U.S. slips into a recession in 2023 and the subsequent depth and longevity of that downturn. 

休斯顿的经济与国民经济的联系比最近记忆中的任何时候都更直接,几乎肯定会跟随美国的步伐.S. 陷入衰退. As consensus mounts among economists that a U.S. 经济衰退是不可避免的,这在很大程度上要感谢为减缓通货膨胀而提高的利率,现在的问题是经济衰退将会是什么样子,以及它将如何影响特定的行业. 

休斯顿地区经济展望 该出版物于12月8日与伙伴关系的同名活动同时发布. In the Partnership’s baseline forecast, 休斯顿 experiences a short and shallow recession in the first half of 2023, with growth resuming in the third quarter. That would likely mean a net gain of approximately 60,800 jobs—a bit shy of the region’s long-term average of 65,000 to 70,每年新增就业岗位10000个, 但仍然有很大的增长. If 休斯顿 manages to avoid a recession entirely, the Partnership’s “best-case” scenario, the region could see as many as 79,2023年新增200个工作岗位. 然而,如果衰退持续下去,增长可能仅限于增加3.04万个就业岗位. 

即使在最坏的情况下, 休斯顿的核心产业有很好的缓冲来应对经济低迷,不会出现大规模失业, 根据预报. 不管情况如何, growth will be strongest in the region’s construction, 皇冠HGA010官方下载, 政府, 卫生保健, 专业服务, 餐饮业.

Partnership首席经济学家帕特里克•扬科夫斯基(Patrick Jankowski)认为,出现短期浅程度衰退(基线)的可能性为50%, a near-miss (best-case scenario) at 30%, 而且很有可能, 经济衰退持续20%.

“While business leaders are anticipating a recession, they aren’t letting it derail their plans,扬科夫斯基说. 在最近的一次CEO调查中, 的 Conference Board found that 98% of respondents expect a recession in 12-18 months, 但86%的公司计划维持或增加资本预算,44%的公司计划在经济低迷时期继续招聘. “这告诉Hga010皇冠软件下载,企业已经为即将到来的事情做好了准备,但更重要的是要放眼未来.” 

According to the Texas 劳动力 Commission, 火箭增加了令人难以置信的144个席位,000 new jobs through October of this year. Partnership总裁兼首席执行长哈维(Bob Harvey)说,他对该地区的经济发展势头感到满意. “As we look ahead to 2023 and what the future has in store, I’m incredibly optimistic about 休斯顿’s prospects, 尽管可能出现经济衰退. Hga010皇冠软件下载面临着挑战——从确保Hga010皇冠软件下载皇冠HGA010官方下载转型方面处于领先地位,到有效地争夺顶尖人才——但每次休斯顿都被低估了, Hga010皇冠软件下载取得了胜利. I believe that will be the case once again.” 

就业预测的各行业细分和影响每个行业的因素可在 完整的报告.


的 大休斯顿伙伴关系 works to make 休斯顿 one of the best places to live, 努力创业. As the economic development organization for the region, 该伙伴关系通过将致力于该地区长期成功的商业和具有公民意识的领导人聚集在一起,促进了12个县的增长. 代表950个成员组织和大约五分之一的地区劳动力, the Partnership is the place companies come together to make an impact. 欲知详情,请浏览 休斯顿.org.

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休斯顿's 生命科学 Sector on the Verge of a New Era

通过多方面的战略,利用其现有优势,促进创新和增长,休斯顿将继续发展成为生命科学和生物制造的首要目的地.   自1945年成立以来, 德克萨斯医疗中心已经发展成为一个占地5平方英里的大型医疗区,每年为超过1000万名患者提供服务.  More than 60 institutions operate within the Texas Medical Center, serving as a catalyst for 休斯顿’s collaborative ecosystem, with efforts like the Cell 的rapy Manufacturing Center, JLABS@TMC和CUBIO. 这有助于为开创性的研究奠定基础,并提供了近5,000个正在进行的临床试验, 这是创新的一大福音.   近年来,休斯顿在创新生命科学和生物技术领域的领先地位奠定了坚实的基础,取得了重大进展. 的se efforts came into focus last month at Bisnow’s 生命科学 Evolution event, with leaders in the life sciences industry, 房地产和创新,展望休斯顿生命科学市场的未来增长. Among the assets shared as advantages were access to clinical trials, 商业环境, workforce efforts and quality of life.   “Having access to the patient population is critical to success, 尤其是多元化的人口,莫尼克·奈特, Portal 创新s的博士说. “的re’s a key benefit to have access to these clinical trials and the expertise involved, as well as living close to where the science is being developed.”   立法行为, 例如11月通过的第10号提案,该提案为医疗器械和制药公司提供了新的激励措施, enhances the region's competitiveness and economic prospects. 另外, investments in workforce development, 例如,教育机构和行业伙伴之间的合作,如圣哈辛托学院和国家生物加工研究与培训研究所(NIBRT), ensure a skilled talent pool for the future.  “与公司的关系, colleges and high schools are integral,Pearland EDC副总裁Brian Malone在Bisnow讨论郊区生命科学发展的小组会议上说. “Hga010皇冠软件下载确实在这方面下了很大的功夫,制定了一项皇冠HGA010官方下载保留计划,以了解这些公司需要什么样的培训和什么样的员工.”   此外, substantial real estate investments further support life sciences research and development. TMC的Helix Park于2023年与TMC协作大楼和行业研究中心Dynamic One一起开放, with new tenant 休斯顿 Methodist leasing 75,800平方英尺. Just north inside the Medical District, Hines’ Levit Green is now leasing nearly 300,000 square feet of purpose-built lab and office space as part of a future 53-acre district. On the northeast side of the metro, 麦考德大学总体规划的一代公园最近与圣哈辛托学院合作,在一个新的生物技术中心破土动工. 在森林里, Alexandria is developing 8800 Technology Forest Place into 325,000平方英尺的A级空间.   德克萨斯州癌症预防研究所(CPRIT)等倡议和蓬勃发展的创新生态系统进一步巩固了该市在生物科学突破和经济影响方面的前沿地位.  With strategic advantages like its top-ranked port, 多样化的人口, and accessibility to global markets, 休斯顿 is poised to further elevate its status as a hub for life sciences innovation. As 休斯顿 continues to advance its life sciences and biotechnology sector, opportunities for collaboration and growth abound, driving progress in public health and driving the next wave of bioscience innovation.   探索休斯顿's dynamic life sciences ecosystem.  


休斯顿(12月. 7, 2023) -大休斯顿合作伙伴关系预测休斯顿地区将在2024年看到就业增长, 虽然速度较慢, 比如利率, a tight labor market and turmoil in commercial real estate weigh on the economy. 在合伙人的预测中, 该地区预计将增加57个,600个工作岗位, returning to a more sustainable pace after record job growth post-pandemic. 休斯顿 added nearly 200,000 more jobs than it did before the pandemic as of October 2023.  “的 休斯顿 region has been running at a sprint ever since emerging from the pandemic. So, while growth will slow down next year, 休斯顿’s economy remains resilient,” Partnership Chief Economist Patrick Jankowski said.  根据预报, job losses in 2024 will occur in construction, 金融保险, 信息, and real estate – industries impacted by higher interest rates, tighter lending standards and ongoing labor shortages. 的re is a growing consensus among economists that the U.S. 在期待已久的经济衰退今年从未出现之后,明年能否避开经济衰退. 根据《Hga010皇冠软件下载》对商业和学术经济学家的最新季度调查, they placed the probability of a recession within the next year at 48 percent, the first time it was below 50 percent since 2022. But there is concern that events beyond the U.S. Federal Reserve’s control, such us geopolitics, could still trigger a recession. 休斯顿的经济与全国经济直接相关,几乎肯定会跟随美国经济的发展.S. 陷入衰退. 在完整的报告中可以找到每个行业的就业预测和影响每个行业的因素的细分.




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